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Aleyah Erin Lennon

Speaker. Scholar. Embodied Teacher.


The Key to Sustainability is Solidarity 

Most of us are already aware that our world is in crisis. We are suffering from a crisis of disconnection in the trilogy of our relationships to self, others, and Land. These interrelated ecological, social, and personal disconnections have at their root the systems of settler colonialism and capitalist patriarchy, which have devastated countless lives and now threaten the very existence of life on this planet. The only way we can face these epic challenges is to come together and heal our collective wounds of disconnection - to come home - to ourselves, to one another, and to the Land beneath our feet.

Teaching and learning about how to do this in meaningful, transformational ways is what my work is all about. 

"I believe decolonization to be a profoundly spiritual endeavour; it involves courage, surrender, uncertainty, trust, grief,

the transmutation of deeply embedded shame and denial,

as well as radical imagination, hope, and love.

In essence, to decolonize is to heal."

Aleyah-Erin Lennon

Radical Hope through Critical Uncertainty

The concept of radical hope as it is employed by sustainability thinkers is related to the decolonizing concept of critical uncertainty. It strikes a balance between blind optimism and the paralysis of despair through action. Despite the certainty that things, as we know it, must change and in spite of the fact that we don’t yet know what will come to take its place, we can learn how to embrace discomfort and how to move forward in a good way - together.

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