Feeling good Is our Job! 

With all of our focus in the west on the mind and productivity, we can sometimes forget that we live in a body. As we put so much emphasis and stress on doing, we often neglect our being

Our bodies are vehicles for feeling joy and tending to them is the key to feeling good. Feeling good is not only a worthy goal unto itself, it allows us access to greater creativity, optimism, productivity and health. 

Embodied pedegogies are central to my teaching and research.

I weave breathwork, awareness, mindfulness, and trauma-informed somatics into all of my offerings. 



I have been teaching yoga since 2005, when I completed my first 330 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ruth Vandervort of Synergy Movement Studios.

I have continued to study every year with a wide variety of international teachers in a number of styles including Restorative, Yin, Prana Flow, Yoga for Kids and Teens, as well as several Therapeutic modalities, while serving as Assistant Conference Director with the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show. Through my many years teaching in traditional studios, K-12 classrooms, as well as on the banks of rivers and in deep forests where I feel most at home, I have developed a deep sensitivity and profound respect for the preciousness of our inner landscapes. 


More recently, I became a certified teacher of Goddess Flow Yoga, an intuitive feminine circular movement modality that infuses rhythm, sound, and sisterhood in a dynamic and healing flow set to soulful music.

I will soon also be a certified She Recovers Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and I look forward to expanding my offerings to the recovery community. 

Image by Tim Schramm

Yoga for Every Body

Aleyah brings almost two decades of experience and all of her love to her yoga offerings. Her teachings are rooted in the magic of intention with a focus on opening the heart to unfold its sacred potential.  Sensitive to students' needs both physical and emotional, Aleyah's classes may incorporate laughter and sound, creative flow, and opportunities to go deeply within. Drawing on her love of music, poetry, and the brilliance of nature, Aleyah weaves spiritual teachings throughout light-hearted and inspiring sequences to assist in you coming home to yourself.  



 Gratitude  Meditation