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Community is Vital

We are Stronger Together

This page will be updated regularly and features the good work of others in my community, open-access resources and toolkits that I have collaborated on, as well as events or groups that aim to inspire and connect us together. 

Stay Tuned!


Guide To Resilient Children

This is an open-access resource that I helped to co-create and edit with Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe and others for Scouts Canada. 

You can read about it here and download the guide for yourself here. 

Ocean Water
SWC image.jpeg

Sacred Water Circle

"Nga-zhidchige nbi onji"


"I will do it for the water"

Ocean Water
Nibi Grandmothers.jpeg
Elder Grandmother Josephine-ba & Dr. Elder Shirley Williams at the Great Lakes Water Walk.
Photo used with permission.

Water Walkers

"Nibi Emosaawdamajig"


"Those Who Walk for the Water"

SWC and Nibi

Sara Rogers

Sara has captured and incubated scrapes of sacred, whispers of rapture, and inklings of insight in the cauldron of her heart, tenderly crafting them from the roots of her soulbody into an offering of pure love and poetic daring. We find here a magic mirror and an enchanted path meant to spark our memory and ignite the transformative power of our imagination.

What I love most about this collection is the commitment to integrity, courage, and revolution in service of Land and Life that permeates its pages.

May we hear this, yet another Sister's call, for us to awaken and unite!

Starry Sky
Sara's book.webp
Calm Sea

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

I am privileged to call Dr. Robyne a trusted colleague and friend. We met while working together in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Trent University and now, we co-facilitate workshops and trainings together while also supporting each other in our personal and professional journeys - both the calm and the storms. 

Dr. Robyne is an incredibly gifted speaker, scholar, teacher, and writer. In her debut book, Calm Within the Storm: A Pathway to Everyday Resiliency, she not only shares her research-based best practices for cultivating resilience, she also shares her own gripping story of recovery. I know first-hand how sincere, skilled, and heartfelt Robyne is in every aspect of her work in the world and I recommend her book!


Twitter: @RHanleyDafoe
Instagram: @dr_robynehd

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